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duoThe drum kit and cimbalom duo of Balázs Bágyi and Dániel P. Szabó is a unique colour and an imcomperable project in ethno-jazz and world music.

They are both remarkable artists of the jazz and folk music scene in Hungary and internationally as well. The way they play is based on the most beautiful heritage of chamber music. Their repertoire consists of Eastern-European and Balkan folk, combined with the elements of jazz and improvised music. After their long time collaboration in the Balázs Bágyi Quartet and several success in their own careers the duo was formed in 2007. Their debut album called "Duola" was released in 2009 featuring Mihaly Borbely on saxophones and tarogato.

During their tour in Romania they represented Hungary at the International Bookfest in Bucharest by the invitation of the Hungarian Cultural Institute in 2011. In 2012 they were touring Romania, Moldavia and Bulgaria.

The duo' s music and repertoire is based on the concept of utilizing the hidden flavours of both intruments. Usually the cimbalom features the harmonic and melodic part of the music, while drums are the engine of rhythm. Sometimes a harder groove by the cimbalom can take over this engine like quality and the carefully tuned drums can emphasize the melodic attributes. To create a more colourful sound and music textures different type of sticks are used at both instruments.

To book the band, please contact Balázs!